Cheerleading scholarship is an activity to help the cheerleaders to let the crowd indulge in the particular sports event by inspiring the crowd as well as the players. Campbell was the first person to start with cheerleading. This scholarship is especially given to those who have a strong background in gymnastics, dance, etc. Both full and partial scholarships are being offered by various schools and colleges. The main agenda of this scholarship is to help the teams of colleges and schools across the country. The scholarships given for it are based on the different recruitment processes of various colleges and schools to hire the best talent. Other then various attributes of an individual, academic performance is also one criterion for giving the scholarship.

Associations and colleges for the scholarship

There are different associations like AACCA (American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators) and NCSSE (National Council for Spirit Safety and Education) who give importance to such a sport. Some of the colleges that offer this sports the University of Delaware, University of Hawaii, Fort Hays State University, Indiana Wesleyan University, Northwest Mississippi Community College etc. The top four best colleges for cheerleading are the University of Louisville, University of Kentucky, University of Alabama and Oklahoma State University.

NCAA Cheerleading Competition

It has been started by the National Collegiate Athletic Association for cheerleading. It decides the criteria on the basis of which the scholarships will be given to the concerned persons. Sources for Scholarship

1.Scholarships from professional associations

The NCSSE and AACCA are some of the associations that provide support to the students who are eligible for the scholarship.

2. Scholarships from special groups

a)Christian Cheerleader of America: They provide the all star cheerleading scholarships to the students who are one of the strong believers of their Almighty. b)The Davis Law Group Scholar Athlete Program: It provides the scholarship to senior students who are eligible for it and are nominated by their peer groups. It offers both partial and full scholarships to the students.

3. Such scholarships can be funded through a college or university also where the student is studying.

Things to be remembered
  • Cheerleaders can apply for the scholarships through various competitions also where if they win they get the scholarship accordingly.
  • The cheerleaders should start working at their young age only by forming a squad in their schools. They should involve themselves in team building and leadership activities which will help them in their interview.
  • The choice of the college for the scholarship should also be right.
  • The cheerleader should have complete knowledge about the eligibility criteria for the scholarship.
  • The person should stay competitive and should always have a backup plan in case if you fail to attain the scholarship.
  • Cheerleaders should have a complete knowledge about the college that if they are providing this scholarship alongside with any other athletic scholarship.
Though it has not been considered as NCAA, NAIA or the NJCAA athletic teams, but it is in high demand to boost the candidates who want to make their career in cheerleading. We can’t expect huge sourcing for money but in the coming future, it will generate huge profits as a sport.