In the fall of 1998, three dedicated high school cheerleading coaches packed up their pom poms and megaphones to chase a dream that would soon become a reality. Keyshia Brunson, Katina Brunson Archie, and Ray Mills raised the bar of cheerleading in South Georgia to the next level.

On October 31, 1998, the first tryout was held in a local dance studio to pick 25 of the most talented and dedicated cheerleaders in our area. Late nights and long weekend practices soon formed what is now Cheer South All-Stars. In just two years local communities were educated about the true competitive sport of cheerleading.

After moving from our first recreation facility, we jointly shared a facility with a local gymnastics program and added on our second team in the fall of 2000 - the Cheer South Juniors. Our program was on the move and we hired our fourth coach, Shazia Alvi. We were soon spreading our name across the nation when our senior team captured a National Championship title and several other wins.
In 2001 we added our third team, which consisted of twenty of the most talented first through fourth graders you have ever seen. The Cheer South youth team would one day be the future of our family.

In the fall of 2002, our dream became a reality when the doors of our own gym finally opened. Cheer South All-Stars Athletic Training Facility, a state of the art competitive cheerleading facility, would now be what we call our home! We hired two more coaches for our youth team, Marvee Alvi and Ashley Buckner, to assist with our talented young girls. It was soon after that when Trayvis Manuel joined our family to assist Katina with the junior team. Our dream of building a competitive cheerleading dynasty had been achieved and we continued to grow with every year.

We would like to welcome you into our home; Cheer South: the leaders in All-Star Cheerleading.